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Friday, 1 April 2011

thanks for produced this product!
it's save our earth by using this. no more ridsect, or shieldtox in my heart!

pity on my wife and child, every night they cannot sleep very well. with this insect's attractor, no more mosquitoes disturbing us. good job green benevolence!

my daughter always keep asking me, "mom, why there's a lot of mosquitoes in our house even though we already used a lot of product. i'm really hate this mosquitoes!". however, when my husband buy this product and we try it, it's amazed! i can't see mosquitoes anymore in my house.  


hello to all consumers!

since many of us living in hectic lifestyle nowadays, as we want to make your life easier, we already supply the insect's attractor with the ingredients that we need to make the solution. 

Thus, you don't need to buy a new insect's attractor but you can easily prepared it because the steps are very easy.   

and we also have delivery services if you interested to purchase it. 

kindly refer to our company contact number: 
or our email:

How to make easy insect's attractor..?

200 ml hot water
50 gram brown sugar
1 gram yeast
plastic bottle 1.5 liter

let the step begins!

1) cut in the middle of the bottle. 
label it as a A and B.

2) mix hot water in brown sugar. 
Wait for a couple of minutes and let it warm.

3) Add yeast to the solution. However, don't stir it.

4) pour the solution into the bottle

5) Put B upside down into A.

6) Wrap the bottle with dark fabric and put it at any suitable place.

Within 2 weeks, you may see the result. 

let's try this!

Insect's attractor

Thursday, 31 March 2011

By producing this product, we can attract many customers to love environment. There are many products in the market that have been made to kill and prevent the breeding of insects such as Ridsect, Shieldtox and Fumakilla. But, all of this type of products contains chemical substances.

Thus, we provide a new solution which is friendly-environment and at the same time we are capable to achieve our goals which are killing those insects.  

  1. Kills insects especially mosquitoes
  2. Prevents dengue cases from being spread throughout the neighborhood
  3. Reduces the usage of  aerosol can that would lead to thinning ozone layer
  4. Encourages the usage of natural resources which is user-friendly 


  1. As this product is made by using the natural substances, such as brown sugar, yeast and water, so we can say that our product is free from any chemical substances.
  2. Compared to the mosquito coiled, or other products such as Fumakilla and Ridsect, this product does not release any smoke. So, it is a friendly-environment product. It also does not harm human’s body such as skin and eyes as well as human’s respiratory systems.
  3. Safe for toddlers and children. As we know, babies and children are very sensitive to any chemical substances. As this product do not use any chemical substances, so it is safe for the children and babies. So, this product is much recommended to the family which has children and babies.
  4. This product is very economical as it is reasonable and affordable by everyone. 

on the next post, we will explain to you how to make Insect's Catcher.

Green Benevolence

Green Benevolence has been established on 7 March 2005. At first, we started our business on a small scale.

Rushdy Thaoklay is our manager and he is responsible for the opening of this company, and his assistant is Ummu Salamah binti Ahmad.


Every year our company produced a new product, and we always gain positive feedback from our customer. Our company focus on environment or mother-nature and we also make a product from waste material to a new product. From year to year, we gain our profit and enlarge our company at Shah Alam.


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